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Abstracta System by De Machinekamer

For the people of the Machinekamer the cooperation with Abstracta is a great opportunity to serve people on their quest for a nice, modular and functional piece of furniture. A quest that they made themselves so that they would be able to exhibit their range in the showroom in Zaandam. A nice nod to the past where they apply the system like it was applied during the furniture fair in Cologne in the 1960s.

Since 2006 the Machinekamer gets her passion from restoring and selling vintage furniture. They know the market of design classics like no other. In addition to the large collection of vintage design classics, there is a growing collection of designer furniture and reprints of various Dutch design classics. Swing by our showroom in Zaandam and let us show you.

We are convinced that through this exclusive collaboration between a company with an impressive history and a company with young and creative entrepreneurs, more and more people will soon be able to enjoy this beautiful product.