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Assembling the Abstracta System

The Abstracta System is a pure, timeless and a fully customizable system based on two basic components.



Before you start assembling the Abstracta system, please check the packing slip first to make sure you received all the components. Then read the instructions before you start. All parts come with a colour code which corresponds to the drawings. For assembly we recommend the use of a small amount of non-corrosive lubricant such as WD-40®. Use this is lubricant prior to connecting the pieces. This will make the assembly and the disassembly easier.


Recommended tools:

-A nylon head hammer (913)

-Quick release tool (915)

-Flight feather (EX-ABS)

-Safety glassed and gloves

-Short piece of wood (to protect the floor and to absorb shocks)


-Non corrosive lubricant



-Instructions assembly frame (video)

-Instruction assembly frame (PDF)

-Instructions fitting shelves (video)

-Instruction fitting shelves (PDF)

-Instructions application panel clips (video)

-Instructions application panel clips (PDF)

-Instructions disassembly frame (video)

-Instructions disassembly frame (PDF)